I grew up in a pretty large extended family...which sometimes made it difficult to get a word in edgewise. Our family reunions can look a lot like scenes from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. At the age of 9, I joined my elementary school's choir and got my taste for performing. I haven't stopped expressing myself since and frequently accompany Pat Benatar on the car radio.
I loved school and especially science, but art was always my favorite class.Insatiably curious, motivated, and probably a little crazy, I completed two doctoral degrees and a residency in Family Medicine. Seriously, I did. Eventually though, I could no longer deny that I was a creative person in an often non-creative field. So, I've been a pottery groupie since grad school, a professional ceramics artist since 2003, and an aspiring voice talent since age 9.
When I first heard the actual term "voice over" back in the 90's, I was intrigued and thought voice over might feed both my creative and performance talents and desires. Under the tutelage of voice over master Nancy Wolfson, I developed commercial voice over skills. My voice is best described as: feminine, elegant, graceful, creative, maternal, and crisply educated. With my background in medicine and biomedical research, I'm super comfortable with math and science, particularly health sciences, and am able to effortlessly (and accurately!) pronounce difficult medical terms.
 I love to Irish stepdance and practice Bikram Yoga so that I can continue to eat pasta and Thai curries. I live with my ever-patient husband, two brilliant and artistic daughters, and an adorable border collie named Mia.

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